Risk Assessment & Reduction Planning

WHO: Any child or youth that may be a concern for abuse, neglect, or other harm.
WHAT: When reported, we assess and take appropriate actions to keep the child or youth safe.
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The Family Services Teams are responsible for the ongoing case management and the integration of services to families. The Family Services Social Worker uses a holistic and healing approach that assists individuals and families to bring about positive growth in their lives.

Services consist of individual support, modelling, providing information, advocacy, and conducting family circles and family meetings. Families as a whole and/or their individual members can receive support in developing communication, parenting, problem-solving, home management and other important life skills.

Services provided:
  • Working with families and communities to provide family assessments and service plans that promote reduction of risks to their children and communities
  • Receive and investigate child protection calls and determine levels of risk
  • Collaborative work with families to develop strategies in problem solving, life skills, conflict resolution, and to develop or enhance parenting skills
  • Facilitate and make appropriate referrals to other services families may require, including, but not limited to:

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