Your Rights

Every child and youth in care has rights. You have the right to:

  • Live in a comfortable home with adults who care about you
  • Proper food and clothing
  • The same quality of care as other children in foster care
  • Know about your care plan
  • Say what you think about important decisions
  • Privacy – especially when talking to family members or when discussing personal things
  • Have your own personal items
  • Be free from physical punishment like spanking or hitting
  • Know what’s expected of you and what will happen if you don’t listen
  • Get medical and dental care
  • Do social, recreational or religious activities that you choose
  • Stay connected with your family, culture and community
  • Have access to an interpreter, if needed
  • Talk to people who can support you like the Representative for Children and Youth or the Ombudsperson
  • Know your legal rights and the supports available

Indigenous children also have the right to receive encouragement and support to learn about and practise their Indigenous traditions, customs and languages, and to belong to their Indigenous communities.

If you feel that your rights are not being honoured, please call the After Hours line at:

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