Meet Some of Our Elders

Elders representing various First Nations Communities in Stó:lō territory as well some away from home Elders. They ensure we are delivering services in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way. They meet with staff and caregiver support parents to give recommendations on how the social workers and families can support the children and families in a culturally sensitive way.

Xyólheméylh has Elders representing Indigenous groups across Canada, including Cree, Ojibway and Métis. Having Elders on our Advisory council from a variety of Indigenous communities helps ensure that we are doing things in a good way.

The Elders provide healing circles for staff and families, participate in collaborative meetings and advise and lead cultural protocols. They also offer one-on-one and team support. Elders attend team meetings, basket meetings, trainings and orientations on top of the work they provide to children, youth and families. Our Elder advisory members are an integral part of how we, as an organization, are continuing to move forward in a good way. Our “knowledge keepers” are an amazing support to our staff, caregiver support parents, children, youth and families.

The Elders teach us that for us to do the very best to serve others, that it starts with each of us reflect¬ing inwardly and taking care of ourselves. They teach about the importance of living and working in Létsé mót té sqwálewel, with a good mind, a good heart, and good feelings. They also teach us about taking time to pause and reflect, about the importance of understanding and using our gifts of kind¬ness, sharing, loving, that are within each of us. These gifts are useful, even necessary, to those who are called to the service in helping others.
Any questions or requests for Elder support and involvement can be sent to: [email protected]


Listen to the Medicine

In the Fall of 2019, Xyolhemeylh organized a one day Elders and Youth Gathering on Stó:lō Territory.