From left to right: Judy Douglas, Marion Mussell, Helen Joe, Dianne Garner, Angelina Gosselin, Paula Olmstead, Peter John, Sheradon Roberts, Tammy Bartz.


FVACFSS is a non-profit service delivery organization incorporated under the Societies Act. FVACFSS is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of nine (9) members who are elected by members of our Stakeholder community at the annual general assembly.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to ensure the affairs of FVACFSS are conducted according to its Constitution and Bylaws, and in a manner that fulfills the purposes of the organization as a provincially delegated Aboriginal child and family service agency.

We are a public society, and you can become a member if you are an aboriginal person over the ages 18 and live on a reserve within our geographic service area. To read our bylaws and constitution, download them below. To join, just download the form below, fill it out, and return it to us!


Marion Mussell

Vice President

Tammy Bartz


Angelina Gosselin


Dianne Garner

Board Member

Peter John

Board Member

Judy Douglas

Board Member

Sheradon Roberts

Board Member

Helen Joe

Board Member

Paula Olmstead