What We Do



When all avenues to out of care options are exhausted, Xyólheméylh becomes the guardian of the child or youth who is in temporary or long-term care. This includes physical care and decision-making responsibilities such as residential care placement, education, health, emotional and behavioral development.

Social workers make a plan of care which includes a cultural plan in order to keep the child or youth connected to their Indigenous culture. These social workers also collaborate with Resources Social workers, caregivers, the child or youth’s family and Indigenous community and schools. We focus on permanency planning and helping the youth transition out of care.

We try to ensure that these youth take pride in their culture and teachings; that they are supported and helped to move into adulthood. Success can be measured in many ways – it could be seeing siblings reconnected and developing positive relationships; seeing a child or youth reconnected with extended family; see a youth touch their land and being welcomed into their home community.